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Extreme Evolution roof top tent

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The Extreme Evolution roof top tent is the classic triangular shaped hard shell tent. The two roof sections are connected in the front with solid hinges. The tent opens automatically with the help of two gas springs after the two locks are opened.
The internal length is 198 cm, internal width is 140 cm. At the highest point, the tent measures inside generous 145 cm. The outer dimensions of the closed tent are 204 * 143 * 33 cm. The weight of the tent is approximately 51 kg.
The Evolution Extreme hard shell tent is equipped with a cove like storage space on the roof. Here a storage bag or a spare tire can be transported. This storage bag is optionally available in two sizes. For secure attachment six retaining tabs are available. At the front this cargo area is slightly rounded to better fix a tire. Two holes on the back drain the rainwater. The loading area and the gas pressure springs are designed for a maximum load of 25 kg. These can remain on the tent roof in its open state.

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