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James Baroud Tents & Awnings

James Baroud is a Portuguese company dedicated to the outdoor adventure and 4WD travel. The staff from the CEO to the design team are all experienced adventure 4WD drivers. A former Paris to Dakar rally pilot is employed by James Baroud to conduct testing on each model.

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They are built to exacting ISO world standards and underline everything you would expect from a quality European build. With the patented automatic opening system of their hard shell roof top tents -- it means it only takes 10 seconds to and less than 30 seconds to stow away. With the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions and quality construction make these tents the head of the class.

Common features of hard shell tents.

Three Entrances
All hard-shell roof tents of James Baroud are fully equipped and have three generous double-layered entrances with Mosquito nets. The Zippers can be opened from both sides which allow a flexible opening of the entrances. The entrances once opened, can be rolled upwards and fixed with a Velcro band. For a pleasant airing the doors can be opened as much as wanted, fully or only a bit. All doors are provided at the bottom with Velcro and can therefore be completely closed. This prevents rain or insects from entering the tent. And closing the tent is much easier because no fabric is hanging out.

Tent Fabric
The brilliant design of the roof tents connects the fabric as a whole by a circulating piping rail to the roof shells and not like seen at the competition simply attached by cheap rivets. James Baroud also provides fabric for the complete tents which are well over 10 years old. The fabric of the tent can easily be replaced, if for example damaged by vandalism. The aluminum profile with the channel rails is connected to the lower roof shell in a way that the tent fabric is situated on the outside. This design prevents rainwater from entering the roof tent.

All James Baroud Roof Top Tents are made from All Season Touring ( TM) Fabric from the Dutch Company TenCate which is specialized in Tent Fabrics and well known all around the world. The very high quality tent cloth made of polyester is relatively lightweight but strong and durable. The six fold micro porous acrylic coating makes it waterproof, breathable and weather resistant and is also dirt repellent and easy to clean. James Baroud uses the highest quality level of TenCate with a weight of 240 gr / m² and a water column of more than 85 cm. The tent color used reflects sunlight and reduces the heat inside the tent. An elastic band integrated into the tent fabric and wrapped all around the tent makes it easy to close. Two additional hooks in the inside serve the same purpose and ease pulling the fabric in while closing. This way it is usually not necessary when closing the tent to push the tent fabric into the tent shells. A great advantage for a tent mounted on a very high built vehicle.
The fabric of the roof tent is opaque and the inside of the tent appears slightly darker. People who wake up with the sun, will appreciate that.

James Baroud tents stand up heavy weather conditions. All zippers are provided on the outside with water proof seals. All seams are doubled, the sewing thread used stretches during the first contact with water and seals the punctures permanently. The tents are designed in a way that even during heavy rain water will not penetrate and the tent will withstand wind speeds up to 120 km / h. The circumferential elastic band not only simplifies the closing of the tent, but also holds the tent fabric under tension when open and thus avoids the annoying and loud flapping of the fabric in the wind. The canopies are constructed in a way they repel rain and they do not flap in the wind. There are many details that show why James Baroud tents are the better choice.
James Baroud tents are also constructed for good climates. Two ventilation openings located in the upper shell which are rain and dust proof ensure optimal ventilation. These ventilator fans are maintenance-free, solar-powered and provide fresh air in the summer and transport the damp condensation air outside at cold weather. The operating time of the fan with a fully charged battery is a maximum of 8 hours. The fan is waterproof, extremely quiet and of course can be switched off . He has an air flow rate of 20 m³ / h. The fan comes with two different fan wheels. To change the conveying direction the fan wheel is easily replaced.

Hard Shell
The roof shells are made of reinforced glass fiber (GRP), also called fiberglass. The special design of the shell increases the aerodynamics and simultaneously provides excellent stability with low weight. A thermal insulation that is worked into the bottom tray reduces the cooling of the surface at low temperatures, reduces the condensation and contributes to a pleasant and comfortable sleep.
The opening of the tent is quick and easy. Two gas pressure springs from the German manufacturer AL -KO help opening the tent in usually less than 10 seconds and with a little practice, the closing should not take longer than half a minute. For a quick closing it is important to make sure that the air can escape from the tent interior, an entrance left slightly open will help. The same applies analogously to the opening.
The roof shell is closed with two mounting brackets. The brackets are perfectly matched and do not need to be adjusted. The clamps can be easily replaced by padlocks to lock the tent if necessary. This solution is as simple as practicable.

Inner Design
The comfortable high-density foam mattress with a density of 28 kg / m³ is provided with an easily removable, washable cotton cover. The mattress is cut at the corners not to hinder in closing the hinges. The hinges themselves are covered with fabric for practical reasons. This way nothing gets dirtied or pinched. In addition, it looks beautiful.
The roof shell is lined with a textile insulation to reduce heat and sound and provided with a large storage net. Two small mesh pockets can be positioned with Velcro in the tent, a convenient place to store phones or glasses.
The tent comes with a rechargeable LED flashlight that can be charged via the plug from the cigarette lighter or a power plug. The light can easily be fixed to the Velcro of the top shell.

All tents of James Baroud come with an adjustable telescopic aluminum ladder that is pleasant also if barefooted. The ladder is linked into brackets that are specially attached to the sides of the tent. This ensures stable support. Those who travel with children will appreciate this very much. Because the ladder does not rest on the edge of the shell closing of the entrance is not obstructed. The ladder needs no locking for length or and can thus compensate the vehicle movements during entry and exit.
The ladder is supplied with a protective cover so it can be stored inside the tent. The maximum length of the ladder is 225 cm. If needed, a version with 244 cm length is available.

The tent is easiest mounted to cross bars. The tent bottom is provided with two sturdy aluminum C-bars. To this the six mounting brackets which are supplied with the tent can be inserted and the tent can be placed anywhere. The brackets are heavy-duty with 8 mm thread and self-locking nuts. With an internal diameter of 40 mm, they are suitable for the most rectangular cross bars. For flat and wide cross bars, brackets are optionally available with a width of 80 mm.
For a secure mount of the tent two cross bars are usually enough. For off-road use or depending on the stability of the cross bars we recommend on the attachment of three or even four cross bars.

Additional Equipment

Optional Thermoisolation
To provide better insulation during winter optional thermal insulation is available. This is attached to a circumferential Velcro inside the tent and provides multiple ventilation and access openings. The thermal insulation increases the internal temperature of about 6 ° Celsius.
The installation inside the tent offers several advantages. For attaching it no ladder is needed, the thermal insulation is not dirtied and does not impede in closing the tent because nothing needs to be stuffed into the roof shells.

Optional awning
The clever designed awnings with optional side walls provide additional storage room and lounges or protection from sun and rain. The awning is simply rolled up for storage. The end of the awning is made from sturdy tarpaulin material and is also the outer shell of the rolled-up awning. It is simply closed by Velcro. A simple and ingenious design, like much of James Baroud designs.
The leveling feet of the awning are folded before rolling up into the aluminum end profile. The cross bars are tucked into the profile of the vehicle. Also for the side walls James Baroud has come up with a clever solution. On the cross bars and the headlining a semi-circular section is mounted. The side walls are then pulled through the rails. This creates a wind and water tight connection. The front wall is drawn into the channel rail of the front aluminum profile and connected to the side walls with zips.
The rounded windows are a real eye-catcher and stand out clearly from the usual functional windows from other tents. With its extraordinary size, it is in the interior bright and friendly. All the windows can be closed if necessary.
The awning is available in two sizes. For the mounting on the vehicle side the awning has a length of 260 cm and a width of 200 cm. For mounting on the vehicle rear the awning has a size of 240 * 130 cm. For each awning a set of three side walls with large windows and an entrance is available.

James Baroud warrants a guarantee of 5 years on all hard shell tents and on the roof shell, tent fabric and mechanics. Parts and tent fabrics are available for many years even after extinction of the guarantee. Each tent is equipped with a serial number, so the manufacturer knows what spare parts to fit the tent.

All hard shell tents are supplied with white roof shells. On request and at an additional charge roof shells are available in dark gray or any RAL color. Please order roof tents in special colors in advance because delivery time may take several months. If you are in a hurry, you can alternatively repaint or foil the tent.



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